The market town of Alvaiázere is a municipal town in Central Portugal. The population of Alvaiázere was a little over 7,000 at the last count in 2011. The annual holiday is June 13. The current president of Alvaiázere is João Guerreiro. He is a member of the Social Democratic Party. (PPD/PSD)
Alvaiázere consists of five parishes:
  1. Almoster
  2. Alvaiázere
  3. Maçãs de Dona Maria
  4. Pelmá
  5. Pussos São Pedro
The municipality is bordered in the following way:
  • To the north, the municipality of Ansião
  • To the east/northeast, the municipality of Figueiró dos Vinhos
  • To the southeast, the municipality of Ferreira do Zêzere.
  • To the south-west, the municipality of Ourém
  • To the west, the municipality of Pombal
The town itself boasts an impressive range of facilities;
  • Creche is heavily subsidised, and the cost to working parents starts at around €50 per month.
  • Schools from preschool (brand new in 2015) right the way to secondary school. The schools are all modern and well-equipped.
  • Swimming pools, indoor and outdoor, these pools are municipal and very affordable. A café and restaurant are on-site, offering excellent value for money.
  • The cultural centre is a small theatre where many small productions, primarily by children, are hosted; it can also be used for any cultural event you wish to put on. Drama, music etc.
  • A municipal indoor facility for five-a-side football, basketball, tennis etc. There are also tennis courts at the back of the gymnasium. Municipal sports stadium, this fabulous facility includes a full-sized astroturf football field and a 400-meter running track. It is the home of the Alvaiázere football club and the Alvaiázere Athletics Club.
  • Other sports are also permitted here; in fact, even Cricket found its way into the Alvaiázere municipal sports stadium with the Amigos Cricket Club.
  • The stadium has a full array of floodlights, making nighttime games available. There is a fully kitted gymnasium with all of the multi-gym equipment you could want, which is situated above the grandstand. Changing rooms, showers and even a bar area are all provided.
Supermarkets, of which there are three, provide everything you need for day-to-day living.
A variety of other shops also thrive in Alvaiazere, including:
  • hardware shops
  • dry cleaners
  • florists
  • paint shop
  • fruit and veg
  • barbers
  • hairdressers
  • paper shop
  • computer shop
  • electrical shop
  • veterinary
  • accountants
  • banks
  • lawyers
There are several cafes and bars in Alvaiázere and a couple of restaurants. There is currently only one hotel in the town, though other accommodations can be found with only a short drive.
A municipal library is well kitted with free access to the internet available on their computers.
The Alvaiázere museum gives an insight into the town's history and how it has evolved into what it is today.
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