Central Portugal Portalegre Fantastic Estate in Alto Alentejo with two houses and about 36,500m2 of land.

Carlos Rogrigues Sales Team

Fantastic Estate in Alto Alentejo with two houses and about 36,500m2 of land.

Central Portugal Portalegre


Fantastic Estate in Alto Alentejo with two houses and about 36,500m2 of land.

This beautiful property is situated on the edge of a small village, about 11km from Ponte de Sor, a city where you can find everything you need for your daily life, such as, health centre, schools, pharmacies, restaurants, Banks, Supermarkets etc. As well as quick and easy road connections to all directions in Portugal.

This property consists of 2 houses and a large plot of approximately 36,500m2.

The main house is a ground floor with about 142m2 and is divided as follows:

- 4 bedrooms

- A living room

- A kitchen with a fireplace

- a bathroom

- An Attic

This first house is more recent and in good condition, ready to move in, the bedrooms are relatively spacious. The living room is large and is divided into a dining area and a space for relaxation and socializing. The kitchen is traditional and features typical aspects of the region, either in the decoration or in the installed fireplace, which was very usual and typical in ancient times. There is also an attic, which has access from the outside.

The second house has about 100m2 and is divided into:

- 2 Bedrooms

- A room with a fireplace

- A kitchen/storage space.

- a bathroom

- An attic.

This second house is more traditional and typically Alentejo. The Interior spaces are smaller, but with a lot of potential. The house needs some refurbishment/modernization in its interior, in order to make it more comfortable and cozy. On the outside, it may just need a new paint job, to enhance its typical features and its ancient charm.

The property includes an extensive plot of about 36,500m2 that extends at the back and in front of the house. The land at the back is used to cultivate vegetables and edibles in general, in this part of the land there are several fruit trees, such as Cherry trees , fig trees, plum trees, etc. The remaining part of the land extends in front of the house, in this part of the land there are trees such as cork oaks, pine trees and eucalyptus in the background, far away from the house. These trees; Cork oaks, Pines and Eucalyptus have the particularity of being able to sell their wood and in the case of cork oaks their bark, which is cork, with a good financial return for the owner.

 On this land there is also a water hole, a well with spring water, and a stream at the bottom of the property. Next to the houses there is a tank that serves as a swimming pool.

This whole area is very quiet, the city of Ponte de Sor is about 11km away and the beautiful dam of Montargil is only about 35km away. At 18km in the region of Gavião there are river beaches of rare beauty. Lisbon is about 140km away.


You cannot miss this fantastic opportunity to have your dream homestead in Alentejo. A region with many stories and a lot of history, and where the present is unmissable. We are quietly waiting for you.

Bedrooms: 6 Bathrooms: 2 Not furnished House 242 sq. m Land Size M²: 36500 Floor: 0 / 0 Year built: – R-487